#UroSoMe – The best is yet to come…

Jeremy Teoh (@jteoh_hk)
Assistant Professor
S.H. Ho Urology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The journey of #UroSoMe began on 14th December 2018 [1], and the momentum continues to build up with the great support from the urological community. We have organised a number of online events and the degree of interactions and engagement has been overwhelming. #UroSoMe cannot be successful without your participation and I would like to offer my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has given us support throughout the whole journey.

I remember on 31st December 2018, I have set a number of resolutions for #UroSoMe. I am proud to say that all resolutions were met much earlier than what I have expected. We have a dedicated core group of urologists who help run #UroSoMe actively [2]. We have conducted regular online events including case-based discussions and this has proven to be very successful. Apart from blogs and newsletters [1,3,4], we have published about our first month experience of #UroSoMe at the Journal of Endoluminal Endourology [2]. Our letter about the #LiveJournalClub event was also published at European Urology [5]. The #UroSoMe initiative has captured the Innovation Award at the 7th BJUI Social Media Awards [6]. The @so_uro twitter account has gained more than 1500 followers, and every online event was able to attract more than 1000 tweets. We had several small group gatherings at #EAU19, #AUA19 and #UAA2019, and it is always amazing to see familiar faces finally in person. 2019 has been so far so good and I think it is time to bring #UroSoMe one step forward.

Twitter is an excellent platform for knowledge transfer and academic discussions. It is a unique platform that allows sharing of experiences in a fast and efficient manner. It has become a routine for me to tweet about a question that I do not know how to answer, and the response that I get is often surprisedly pleasant. Nevertheless, I am always curious what else can #UroSoMe offer in this modern digital era.

BURST is one of the most successful examples in utilizing the twitter platform to facilitate collaborative research work globally. I am one of the collaborators for the IDENTIFY study, and I have witnessed how efficient it is to attract more than 100 centres and to recruit more than 10000 patients from across the world. Can #UroSoMe really help to make a difference in our clinical practices and improve patient care worldwide? To me, the answer is clearly yes. The real question is how we can realize what we hope to achieve with #UroSoMe.

Our group is currently conducting a systematic review on #UroSoMe and we are identifying areas where #UroSoMe can help to contribute. I really hope #UroSoMe can attract more people who share similar vision, and I am glad that my exploratory tweet was able to unfold the interests from many of you. @gudaruk is leading the first #UroSoMe research project, which is a Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Survey on Anatomical Endoscopic Enucleation of the Prostate, i.e. #AEEP. Many other research projects will be rolling out soon and I hope we can achieve something impactful together in the future.

Last not but least, I would like to thank @Daniel_Urologia for spending so much time and effort in building up this website. I regard this as a big milestone for #UroSoMe. If you would like to join #UroSoMe, or if you have any research ideas that #UroSoMe can help to facilitate, please feel free to reach out to us. 2019 has been a fantastic year, but the best is yet to come…


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